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Are you an adult who wants programming from CDSF's expert coaches that will help you build muscle and burn fat, but don't need all the customization! Training with The Board is a great option if you aren't in need of a custom program, but still want the instruction, guidance, and programming from a CDSF Coach.

By using principles from our Custom Training Programs The Board allows you to have a flexible training program that includes progressions and regressions so those of different fitness levels are challenged appropriately during each workout.

We currently offer three different Programming Options:

Strength Camps:

Learn how to strength train safely and effectively in a fun, supportive, yet challenging environment. Safely work with heavier weights as you focus on building muscle and gaining strength.

Metabolic Conditioning (Met-Con):

Burn calories and shred fat with our Met-Con workouts. These high-energy workouts incorporate a combination of strength and interval training to safely get leaner and build strength.


This movement based program is designed to aid in active recovery of your muscles and joints. Incorporating a restorative workout during the week is a great way to help you feel better and decrease muscle soreness.

This Membership Includes:

(12-Month Memberships)

8 Classes


Unlimited Access


*Receive Unlimited The Board Access if purchase Adult Custom Training Membership

Erin N

"Having a set workout before I get to the gym is a huge benefit for me. The organization and cleanliness is incredible. Both Mike and Dan help with proper form on every exercise and continue to push me to be better than I was the day before. I feel physically and mentally stronger. My body has changed drastically in the best way possible and continues to do so after every workout."

Chelsea W

"I love my mornings at CDSF. Having someone hold me accountable has been great for me and I've learned exercises I would have never done on my own. I have now been working out consistently and look forward to going to the gym instead of dreading it."

Rob I

"CDSF offers knowledge along with their fitness programs. I feel strong, healthy, confident, and able."