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Our flagship Sports Performance Training program is designed to build better, stronger, faster athletes. This program is built for high school, college, and professional athletes looking to gain a competitive edge as they work toward taking their game to the next level. All sessions will be performed with a max of 1:4 coach:athlete ratio to ensure safety and proper coaching.

You'll begin with a full 1-hour assessment and strategy session, during which we'll assess your mobility and movement patterns, identify risk factors, discuss your training history, injury history, and goals. Based on this, we'll craft a tailored training program specifically built to improve key areas relevant to you and your sport(s).

Training occurs in a semi-private setting, allowing you to receive personal guidance and support from CDSF's expert coaches, with an individualized program, while being surrounded by other motivated athletes in a team setting.

With over a decade of experience working with MLB, MLS, MiLB, college, and high school athletes, CDSF knows how to best equip athletes to develop more strength, speed, power, and durability as they look to take their performance to the next level.

Middle school athletes are strongly encouraged to participate in multiple sports throughout the year. 1-2x/week training is available for 7th and 8th grade athletes.

This Program Includes:

(3-Month Memberships)

8 Sessions


12 Sessions


Unlimited Access


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*Family Discount : 10% off for second sibling, 50% off for 3rd

Mike Reinold
Owner of Champion PT and Performance and Senior Medical Advisor for the Chicago White Sox

"Mike is one of the brightest up and coming minds in the fitness and strength and conditioning field. His attention to detail, comprehensive programming, and effective communication style can help take you to the next level."

Garrett Whitley
Milwaukee Brewers

"CDSF is a high performance gym and definitely the best in the Capital Region, I always go there to work out when I'm at home and they have everything I need and the staff is incredible."

Scott S
Chatham Panthers Head Coach- 2019 Patroon Conference Coach of the Year

"My players who train at CDSF have gotten stronger, more athletic, and move better. They're personable, knowledgeable, and have a great training environment."

Tommy Miller
Siena College- All-Time Wins & Strikeouts Leader

"I put on muscle and feel a lot stronger while pitching. The CDSF staff make sure to help you with any questions you have while training and make sure you're performing all of your exercises correctly."

Dylan Collett
United Shores Professional Baseball League- P

"Training at CDSF helped me stay healthy throughout the entire season while seeing improvements in my performance as the season progressed. I have become stronger and more mobile in everything that I do."

Steve Conca
Owner of Conca Sport and Fitness

"I've known Coach Mike Sirani for over 7 years. First as an athlete, then as an inspiring intern, and now as a committed coach and business owner who mentors student athletes to perform at a high level on and off the field. Coach Sirani provides the passion and expertise to positively impact every athlete's experience. As a coach and parent of 3 athletes I highly recommended Mike's programs."

Angela M
Parent of CDSF Athlete

"My son feels stronger and more confident. The attention from the trainers, the atmosphere, and the workouts have provided him with a great experience. He looks forward to going."

Bill S
Parent of CDSF Athlete

"From training at CDSF my son has increased his speed, quickness, size, and dexterity. On the field his improved coordination and core strength has made him a better hitter and his increased range of motion has allowed him to cover more territory in the field. The attention to detail with the coaches is top notch. They're monitoring just about every rep and provide constant feedback and correction to reinforce proper form."

Parent of CDSF Athlete

"My son started training at CDSF because a friend worked out there. We wanted him to get stronger but have the guidance to avoid injury. He has improved his strength for pitching and hitting and has received good instruction in exercise technique to avoid injury."

Eric G
Parent of CDSF Athlete

"What my daughter has enjoyed most about CDSF is it's upbeat, positive and motivating environment. She repeatedly commented that CDSF pushed her to reach her maximum potential. Combined with the expertise of the CDSF staff, this encouraging environment lead to greater athleticism, strength, and speed. In turn this made my daughter very confident in her training and athletic capabilities, an invaluable quality on any competitive playing field."